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Thursday, August 1, 2013

felt fishing game

How can it be August already?    This summer has flown by.  Today's project is a felt fishing project.  It's time consuming, but your kids will love it when it's done.  Start by cutting out a basic fish shape... you will be sewing 2 together to make a sturdier fish.  You can use tacky glue if you don't want to dust off your sewing machine.

Each of the fish will have a magnet eye on each side.  I got these great magnet dots at Lakeshore learning.

I added some felt details to each fish to make them cute.

I made the fishing rods with dowels, ribbon and washi tape.  I tied a clothespin at the bottom of the fishing pole and hot glued a magnet to it.  

Last of all, I wrote the letters of the alphabet on the fish with black craft paint.

I know my preschoolers will love playing with these.  We will practice putting our letters in order with the fish.  They will be great for color sorting too!

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