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Monday, June 11, 2012

Color inspiration Monday... nesting dolls

When I think of the colors that inspire me I think of nesting dolls.  I love their bright, happy colors!  This year I got this amazing bracelet for my birthday (made by my crafty friend Peggy)...

I know someone will ask where she got the charms... I need to find out!  Friends have given me these adorable glasses too...

I just love this nesting doll fabric..

The colors for this card was based on them...
as was the mantel and plate project below... http://jennicanknit.blogspot.com/2012/05/nesting-doll-plates.html

Last Christmas I designed two different nesting doll ornaments...

One of my favorite mantels... 

What colors and objects inspire you?!


  1. That footstool is absolutely ADORABLE! I'm a red lover. Red car! Red kitchen accents! Cheerful! Why is the whole US driving silver and champaign colored cars? I think it's depression...I'd love to see the color explosion in your house! Such a HAPPY PLACE!


    1. Ha! I know.... I can't stay away from color. I'm just not a neutral person!

  2. Like Tammy I am a Red person. All my small appliances are red. My washer and dryer are red. Bright colors make me happy...like your adorable nesting dolls. My sweet daughter painted me a set of "Zetta's Aprons" nesting dolls...where each doll wears a different apron. Happy Happy! =D

  3. Absolutely Adorable!Amamzing!and lets not forget Fabulous!!love the variety in colors...TFS