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Monday, June 17, 2013

jello playdough

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm on Fox 9 this morning at 9:35!   Today I have a really great jello playdough recipe for you to try.  Your kids will love it, I promise.  I found the recipe here... http://www.playdoughrecipe.org/playdough-recipes/jello-playdough-recipe/  I added an extra tablespoon of vegetable oil to the recipe.  
Pick out some colors of jello that your child likes.  They all worked great... and you can add extra food coloring to them if you like.

You will mix all the ingredients in your mixer, and then cook over the stovetop until they thicken up and clump into a ball.

Let it cool on some waxed paper and then knead the playdough with some extra flour.  You will know when it is the right consistancy.

Add some rolling pins and some playdough stampers (I got mine at Lakeshore http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/) and you are ready for hours of fun.

Come back tomorrow for some fun contact paper craft ideas! 

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