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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little knit Robin

One of my favorite things to knit are little toys.  I don't know why... I just get a kick out of them.  I just finished an adorable knit robin.  The pattern is a free one by Susan B. Anderson found here... http://petitepurls.com/Summer11/summer2011_p_fatrobin.html

We have had horrible spring weather the last few weeks in Minnesota.  I have seen flocks of robins looking for a place to nest.  I don't ever remember seeing so many of them together at once.  

The cleverest thing about this pattern are the 3 little eggs.  They tuck very neatly under the birds tail.  My preschoolers were very interested in the tucking and untucking.  

The author of the pattern has just released a new book... full of amazing toys that you can turn inside out... can't wait to knit a few up!

1 comment:

  1. I really love this knitted toy! The kids would love to put and take the eggs and even adults! Great creation! I'm putting this on my list of want to make!!!
    Have a wonderful day, xoRobin