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Friday, January 25, 2013

Vintage valentines

One of my favorite collections is my vintage valentine collection.  I started collecting them at least 15 years ago... I saw a bunch at an antique store for a quarter each and couldn't resist.

Since then I've found many at garage sales and estate sales.  I once got 5 ziplock bags full at an estate sale.  I refer to it fondly as the Brady Bunch estate sale.  The house was like a time capsule from the 70's.  I was in heaven.

I color copy them every year and use them to decorate my house.  I will be doing some projects with them too.  

Lots of love!  


  1. What great finds-- they are pretty expensive nowadays. Wish I had been with you at the Brady Bunch House!!

  2. I'd like to play a "Share the Wealth" card! Do you have a flickr where you have scanned them to share?

  3. Love 'em! I have a collection that were my grandmother's from when she was a teacher- they ROCK! I am very curious to see what projects you will be doing with yours- may have to "borrow" your ideas...woo-hoo!