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Friday, October 12, 2012

Knitted pumpkins

Last September I knit up some small pumpkins... this fall I decided to make large ones.  The pattern is by Marie Mayhew http://www.woollysomething.com/   This is what they look like before you felt them.  I ran out of yarn knitting the darker orange pumpkin so it turned out much shorter than the other.
You need to use 100% wool yarn for these or they won't felt.

The pattern is so easy... lots and lots of knitting in the round.  When you are finished, you throw them in the wash on hot.  I threw them in the dryer for a few minutes too... gasp!

Next you stuff them using polyfill, plastic bags, whatever you like to stuff with.  These are big so I used a variety of things to get them full enough.

Instead of knitting the leaves I cut them out of felt... don't tell anyone but I hot glued them on.

I think they couldn't be cuter.  I love how the short one turned out... kind of like a Cinderella pumpkin.  My preschoolers are going to love playing with them.


  1. They look great, well done sweetie, will last so much longer than the real ones! have a happy weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x

  2. I love the leaves, Jenni! How fun! Your own permanent pumpkin patch!

  3. Where do you find the time to be so adorable. I luv u.

  4. I just love them, I have been thinking about crocheted pumpkins but haven't figured it out yet......so cute...thanks for sharing them..Happy Weekend with love Janice