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Monday, October 15, 2012

Two minute Halloween projects

Now that I'm teaching preschool I have less time for everything!  Today's projects are for those of you who don't have time to make anything.  I promise you can make each of these in just a couple minutes!
How many times have your kids told you that they need to bring treats for school the night before?!  Buy a jumbo container of cheese balls...

cut a face out of black cardstock...

and use double stick tape to attach the face to your container.  Cute!  I've seen this done with orange pop too!

The next project can be done with any glass container that you can tip over...
I happened to have this big glass cloche...

fill it with white fiberfill...

add eyes and a mouth cut from cardstock!  This would be cute made out of glass cylinders of different sizes.

Last of all... ghosts made out of white wedding bells.  The bells can be found at a party store for a couple dollars.

Open them up and cut out faces eyes and mouths out of black cardstock.

I hot glued them on... spooky and cute!


  1. Quick and clever - very creative! Thanks for the cute ideas

  2. Wow ..so simple yet so fun..I'm going to try that glass jar idea for sure...have lots of fiber fill and hopefully can find some jars lying around :) Thanks so much for the inspiration