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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

more mitten projects

These little felt mittens are hanging on a clothesline under our chalkboard.  Clothespins are surprisingly hard for preschoolers to open and shut, but they have been practicing all week.

We made these little handprint mittens last week.  I'm trying to come up with at least one handprint or footprint project each month.  The kids love having their hands painted.

Are you starting to think about Valentine's Day yet?  Last year, we made valentine cards out of these cute doily snowmen.  We shrunk the artwork down and glued them to white cardstock.  I think we will do something like that again this year.  

Happy crafting!


  1. How did you shrink them down? I love this idea!

    1. I lay them on the copier and shrink them to get the size I want. Preschool parents love them!