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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Mantle

Have you decorated for Halloween yet?  I just couldn't wait any longer.  I've moved since last Halloween and I was eager to try out my new mantle.
First I propped up the eyeball canvases.  I just love them.

Next I started adding my stuff... I got the Halloween village years ago at the Midwest of Cannon Falls outlet.  They closed years ago... oh my, was that a fun store.  

I hung a fabric Halloween garland in between my curtains.  My bestie Margaret gave it to me last year. It would be a breeze to make.

Next I added the paper banner I made yesterday.

My mother in law just gave me the ruffled cake plate.  I love it when she pulls things like that out of her cupboards.  She said she hadn't used it in 30 years!!

Last of all, I propped up a big art project Isabelle did last year.  She painted that owl on a window!  Isn't it amazing?  I'm loving the purple and blue with the orange.

I will be sharing these ideas and more on Saturday morning at 8:15 on Fox 9... hope you can tune in!


  1. Love your mantle!!!!!! Love the garland and the bride and groom and the OWL!!! Are you now famous? I would love to see you onTV!
    Congratulations, always love your ideas and crafts❤

  2. Love the mantle. The cake plate is awesome. The banners and the bride and groom-I love it all.

  3. I love visiting your blog! It is so stylish and uplifting. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Just wanted to share. :o)