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Friday, June 1, 2012

candy jars

This will be a busy weekend at the Swenson house.  I will be on fox 9 http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/category/233671/morning tomorrow morning, June 2nd at 8:20 a.m.  I will be showing candy crafts!  On Sunday, my oldest daughter Hannah graduates.  We are having her party that day too.  Oh my.  

Today I'm going to put together a big candy jar for a party I have coming up.  I got this jar at an antique store a long time ago and I could have sold it 10 times already...

here it is filled with knitted Easter eggs.

Back to the candy jar.  I bought a big box of gumballs for $18 at Sam's Club.  Isabelle and I sorted them by color... I wanted to use yellow, white, pink and orange for Hannah's party.

This jar is big, so I added a layer of salt water taffy to the bottom.

You will be seeing the red and blue ones around the 4th of July.  

I added a ribbon and some trims to the top and it's awfully cute!

Izzy helped me fill one with suckers too.  These will be part of the candy bar at our graduation party!  I'll share all sorts of pictures next week!


  1. Can't wait to see the photos--I bet it will be an amazing party! Congratulations to your firstborn and to you for parenting through this season of life.

  2. I'll be watching you on 9, my husband is the unofficial president of Belinda's fan club so I'll be on TV2! Have fun, wear EXTRA makeup! I grilled in the 'backyard' with Mike Pomerantz a couple years ago for CH. 11. Had a blast!


    1. my girlfriend told me to apply makeup like a drag queen! How fun to grill with Mike Pomerantz!

  3. Oh how cute ...I Love it.....I am looking for a jar ; ) Have a great time at the party and please post pictures


    1. I see them at antique stores once in awhile... but I can't bear to spend the $! I got mine for under $10... now they are always over $20!

  4. This is so cute!Love the candy jars.Great idea!Please post pictures of graduation and congrats on being on TV!!!!!TFS