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Thursday, May 31, 2012

candy wreath

I show lots of wreaths on my blog, but this one is by far the most delicious.  I've seen these done for Christmas, but I thought it would be fun to make one for my daughter's dorm room.  A candy wreath!  The fun part about this wreath is that it comes with a little scissors so you can cut a piece of candy off when you need something sweet.  

Start with a flat wreath form... I painted mine pink.  Tie your candy on with pieces of baker's twine.  I used a bag and a half of tootsie rolls, one bag of jolly ranchers, and then a few packages of mini candy bars.  

Just keep tying the candy on until your wreath looks full...

This is a WOW gift... everyone I show it to loves it!  Happy crafting!

I will be making this project live on fox 9 morning news http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/category/233671/morning  this Saturday, June 2nd.  I will be on between 7:45 and 8:15.  Hope you will watch!


  1. I love this idea!!!!!!Yummy!!!!This would make a great gift!!!TFS...New Follower and so happy!!

  2. I've got to remember this for next year. My college son would love this made in his favorite candies. Do you think I could glue on jelly bellys? Just kidding. This is adorable!

  3. What a fantastic idea i shall definately give this ago, i think it would be a fun thing to do for haloween. Thankyou for linking up on my making it home linky x

  4. I think it would also be fun to write a message on the wreath, so as the candy is eaten they will be able to see it! So cute!

  5. too cute!! Totally love it

  6. Love this idea,have one grandson loves candy,this be great for him BuT have get by his mom,,ha,ha, Love this Hon, Just joined your blog love it..Thank's Cookie 17