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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shutterbug Mama

I think every mama I know loves pictures of her kids.  Today's mother's day project is so easy, but so sweet and meaningful.  A grandma or auntie would love it too.  I did this for my sister's birthday with my niece and nephew.  We are lucky enough to live near the Minnesota Landscape arboreteum... it is a perfect place for a photo shoot!
I made a little sign that said "we love mommy" and took a bunch of pictures...

and then framed the picture for my sister.  I set it out for her with the sign and a few of the pictures I took.  If your family was really organized, they could take a picture in the same spot each year!  
Are you looking for more mother's day ideas?  Check out my pinterest board here...http://pinterest.com/jenni_swenson1/mother-s-day-and-dad-s-day/


  1. Great idea! And we love the MN Landscape Arboretum. We live on the north side so it's not far but it's not next door either.

  2. That picture idea is so cute!!! You know how I love pictures!! And M and S...adorable as always :))