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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

fabric tied wreath

Happy Green week! Are you feeling lucky this week?  You could win these Tessa handpainted clogs.  Just become a follower and leave a comment.  Here is a link to their shop http://www.tessaclogsinfo.com/  Here is a link to my clogs page on pinterest...http://pinterest.com/jenni_swenson1/clogs/
  Today we are going to make a fabric tied wreath.  I went through my fabric and pulled out anything green... I had lots.  I even cut up some old placemats!  I cut the strips around 3 inches wide and 20 inches long.  Iron them in half, that way both sides will look pretty.

Start tying your strips onto a wreath form.  Whatever you have is fine.

Keep tying until it is nice and full.

I pinned mine to my chicken wire frame using clothespins.  I stuck a few little shamrocks in it too... it is green week after all!

One more thing... it is my dad's birthday today.  He is pictured above with my 3 teenage daughters.  We all adore him... he is the best!  xoxoxo  Dad.. love you lots!


  1. What a festive wreath, just in time for St party's day! And how darling are those clogs? I love them, thanks for the chance to win!

  2. i am following you on pinterest. your blog always makes me smile.

  3. Your dad could be the poster boy for St. Patty's day!! Adorable....so is the wreath and the way you're displaying it!