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Thursday, January 12, 2012

hi my name is jenni (part 2)

Hi everyone... I am taking a couple days to introduce myself to new readers.  Check out yesterday for part 1.  Today I'm showing you a few pics of the inside of my house.    As I said yesterday, I collect stuff.  Too much stuff my husband would say!

This is a picture of my coffee table in my living room.  Note the junk on top of it.  I'm not going to fib and say it's always perfect because that is definitely my messy spot.  A lot of knitting goes on in this room....

This is a little tin bucket I mod podged with car illustrations.  I made it years ago when my little girls could be bribed at the grocery store with 99 cent cars.  My nephew plays with them now.  My niece and nephew live a mile away and they are adored at the Swenson house.

This is my favorite chair to knit in (shhhhhh..... it is a recliner).  One of my knitting bff's and I made these felted polka dot pillows last year.  

This chair is one of my favorite goodwill finds... I recovered it with nesting dolls on one side and dala horses on the other.

Last of all... my bulletin board... a random assortment of stuff!  Thank-you so much for stopping in and visiting.  I love all your questions and comments so keep them coming!  Come back tomorrow and see how I took my favorite catalogue (Boden) and used it as inspiration for cards!


  1. Thanks again! I must make those felted pillows.

  2. Those felted pillows are awesome!

  3. The felted pillows can be found here... http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cheery-os-pillow It is such a fun project!

  4. Love this jenni .. as I have said ...I look forward to this each morning!!

  5. Those felted pillows and the rocker are SOOO cute!!!