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Monday, October 17, 2011

Color Inspiration Monday... paper

It's color inspiration Monday... in honor of paper week I am going to look at how paper can inspire a color scheme.

Lime and black is always cute together... I did these cards for a friend's 40th.

 I love the bright hues in vintage paper images...

Sometimes I design a whole card around a patterned paper that I like...

here it is in yellow...

and the same card in turquoise and green.

Brown and red is always a cute combination.

This pink and orange paper inspired these Halloween cards.  I love the sweet pink twist.

Have a colorful day... come back tomorrow and see a mod podged plate project.  xoxo  Jenni


  1. Lime and black ~ BRILLIANT!

    I know it is A LOT of work to blog every day (and, too, something clever and creative and inspiring, like you do). But I really love starting off the day with a little "Jenni" project that makes my eyes full and makes my head spin with possibilities.

    Thanks, Jenni! So glad Mary E. told me all about you and gave me this link!

  2. It does take a lot of time, but I love sharing ideas with people every day. Thank you so much for your nice comments!

  3. I always love your color combinations! So creative! I will buy mod podge today. Can't wait for the project!

  4. You come up with color combinations that I wouldn't have put together, but LOVE when I see them!! Very cute ideas, Jen!

  5. That vintage look can be so inspiring. What you have done with it is really impressive. Getting a card from you is like getting a piece of art.
    Thanks so much for linking this post up to Motivated Monday at beColorful
    Have a great week.