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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Plate

It's day 18 of 31 Days of Creative Inspiration.  This week is Paper week!
I bought this old wooden platter at a garage sale of course... I've been doing all sorts of fun projects with old wooden plates and platters lately.  I'm going to be selling them at my etsy shop soon.

I started out by picking some vintage images... I had an old science book with a birthday cake illustration that I wanted to use.

The patterned paper is a Crate paper pad... http://www.cratepaper.com/home.html

Lay everything out and then start adding mod podge... cover your plate with a layer before you add images.  You can smooth down bumps with your fingers but don't fuss with it too much... it will look sooooo much better when it is dry.

While waiting for a 2nd coat of mod podge I made a card to go with the plate, using up the 1 inch scraps I cut.

Here is the finished project... I think it is pretty cute.
Today I'm linking up here...http://linda-coastalcharm.blogspot.com/  Check out the other great projects!


  1. Absolutely positively adorable! I love the way the picture in the science book inspired the idea for the plate . . . very creative!

    Best wishes for your Etsy shop ~ not like you don't have enough to do already! :)

  2. So cute and I might actually be able to do it, I have to go look for vintage pictures! I will look for your easy shop again.

  3. I will post a link to my etsy shop this weekend!

  4. Mod Podge is the best - and I love how you just whipped up a matching card! Can't wait to get the info on the Etsy shop. Hurry!!!!

  5. This looks awesome! Love it!


    PS. I have my first real giveaway happening with some awesome nursery or kids room art prints. If you're interested, come by and check it out!

  6. I LOVE those old books...old enough to remember those from 1st/2nd grade! That's an adorable cake plate!!!