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Monday, August 8, 2011

Color inspiration Monday

This weeks colors are... you guessed it, yellow and orange.

I love these two colors together.  It reminds me of the seventies.  

I have been collecting fiesta for years.  They have a brand new gold color out that I want.  The polka dots and stripes are another weird obsession of mine.

My favorite shoes and shawl.  I wore them to church yesterday with a black and white striped dress.

My favorite necklace... the charm is made by my amazing friend Mary Eliason.

I love this groovy coffee mug.  Straight from the Goodwill of course.

This sweater is one of my firsts.  It never got finished.  I can't bear to rip it out or get rid of it so there it sits.

I hope something wonderful happens to you today.  See you tomorrow!
p.s.  hi to all the ladies at the attorney's office.  Thanks for reading!


  1. ((sigh)) I love you, Jenni...you make me smile...finish that sweater, BTW!! I'm finishing that scarf!! ;))))

  2. Thanks Peggy... Izzy has been chatting with the lovebirds today!

  3. Emily was here yesterday when Izzy was 'chatting'....Emily was laughing at her texts....One was...if Kyle asked you to marry him RIGHT now, what would you say? Hahahahaha...gotta love her tenacity! ;)))