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Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School Three Ring Binder

Today I am going to show you a project that my girls and I do every year before they go back to school.  You start with a plain old three ring binder... make sure it has the plastic sleeve in the front and back.
Cut a sheet of cardstock to fit the sleeve...

Then comes the fun part... start decorating!

Cut up your paper scraps to fit.  If you don't have any, you can get small pads of them at Michael's or Archiver's for $5.

Add pictures and stickers... whatever your little heart desires.

At the end of the school year I always take them out of the binder and make them into a scrapbook page.  Fun, right?!

Do me a favor... if you like this easy project, click the facebook button at the bottom of the post, or tell your friends to check it out.  Have a great day everyone!


  1. Can you post pictures you took at Maddens on fb? I can see you have some really cute ones! LOVE this project...NOW you tell me lol

  2. We already put them on... look at my photos!