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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hannah's glitter shoes

I can hardly believe it, but my oldest is going to be a senior.  She wants one of her senior pictures to be a princess theme complete with a crown and pink glitter shoes.  We looked for some shoes on the internet and the ones she loved were $750!  Ha!  We decided we could make them and found lots of tutorials online.

First we found a pair of gold glitter shoes at Target on clearance for $14.99.  I know the heels are insane.

I pulled together all my Martha Stewart pink glitter... is anyone surprised I had 5 bottles of it?

We mixed together mod podge and some glitter... and then started brushing it on the shoes.  Once we had the shoes covered, Hannah shook the glitter directly on the shoes.

The one on the right has been given an extra coat of glitter... are you imagining my kitchen floors at this point?

Ta-da!  Pink glitter shoes for Hannah's senior pictures.  Bob sprayed them with a sealant so the glitter doesn't fly off with every step.  Happy weekend everyone!

1 comment:

  1. These are so cute!! And that picture of Hannah....darling!!