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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

another red barn

I was at the state fair yesterday.  Let's just say it was "interesting".  It was also incredibly hot.  I did get to try mini doughnut beer... it was delicious.  http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2013/08/16/mini-donut-beer-arrives-in-time-for-state-fair/  And yes, it really did taste like a mini doughnut.  Today is my first day with my little 3 year old preschoolers.  It is going to be a busy one!  Yesterday, I shared a mod podged barn, today I have a cute paper barn project.  
In Minnesota, there are barns everywhere.  I just love them.    Some of the barns in our county have quilts painted on them...

Today we are going to make a construction paper barn with a few basic shapes.

I used yellow mesh for straw, but you could use yarn or strips of paper too.

Every barn needs a rooster!

Have you seen this cute farm sorting center from Lakeshore?  It comes with red, green and purple farm animals... waiting to be sorted into categories.   You can find it here... http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/

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