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Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday

Happy Friday friends!  It has been an unusually busy week for me at preschool.  Lots of extra hours and early mornings... I'm ready for the weekend!  We had a big snowstorm Monday, and beautiful spring weather yesterday.  That's Minnesota for you!  I packed up most of the snowboots and mittens from the back hall closet yesterday so hopefully spring has officially started!

 Below is a picture of my daughters in front of the sorority house I lived in during college.  My oldest daughter will be living there next year.  It is pretty amazing to share that experience with her.  When we left North Dakota Sunday, it was snowing like crazy.

I shared a new flannelboard story with the preschoolers this week.  White Rabbit's Color Book perfectly illustrates color mixing... the bunnies jump into the pots of paint and come out different colors.  

Speaking of magic, what's better than new playdough?  We got a big donation of the brightly colored playdough this week and the kids are in heaven!

I'm working on these swedish fish mittens... they are addictive.  Tiny yarn and needles...

Are you making May baskets this year?  I've got a couple cute ones to share with you next week!

Rice and beans are in the sand table.  Shaking, pouring, spilling, digging.  Such fun!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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