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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bird ideas

Birds make me think of spring... it's still cold in Minnesota but the snow is finally melting.  It is so muddy and messy outside.  We've finally stopped putting on snowpants in preschool, hooooooooray!
I'm working on a free pdf to share with you next week... it's birds made with recycled book pages.   I must say it's cute!

Last year I made bird collages with vintage books that I have in my collection...

2 little trays... 

birds on a string...

 cards with bird punches...

and my favorite... a bird covered with flower embellishments.  Next week I hope you will join me for lots more bird themed crafts!


  1. Oh, you KNOW I will be joining you! Looking forward to getting my "tweet" on!

  2. Wow!! I love vintage and birds are my second favorite animals. All things you made are absolutely fabulous! ♥ Can't wait for more to see :-)

  3. Birds make me think of Spring as well...and I love vintage and birds. Great post.