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Friday, February 15, 2013

California pictures

Happy Friday!  I'm finally sharing my pictures from California.  There's been lots of Valentine crafting to share!
My husband and I flew into San Francisco and drove down the coast to Monterey.  Oh my, it was just gorgeous.

One of my favorite places to go near Monterey, is Carmel.  While I was there, I took a million pictures of the fairy tale cottages there... http://talesfromcarmel.com/2011/04/06/hugh-comstocks-fairytale-cottages-by-the-sea/  I'm obsessed with them.  I want to move right in, but I don't have $5 million dollars.  It's fun just to look and admire the amazing cuteness.

I drove all over town and peeked in as many houses as I could.  Many are just blocks from the ocean.  I can't even imagine how lovely that would be.
Gorgeous old trees line the streets.

One night, Bob and I were there at sunset.  It was freezing out but a beautiful sight.  There were people walking down to the beach from all directions to see it.  I was happy to see so many people enjoy it. 

When I looked out my window I would see this... needless to say, I sat and looked out and did a lot of knitting, and a lot of nothing too. 

I also visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium one morning.  I fell in love with the jellyfish rooms.

I also spent about an hour with the penguins.  It was mating season and there was romance in the air.  Ha!  It was quite the sight!  Those are just a few highlights.  It was wonderful spending 6 days with my favorite person (husband) in my favorite place (California).  

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  1. what a BEAUTIFUL and LOVELY get-a-way. I think you and I need to buy that yellow house and make it our CRAFTING PLACE!!!!! :):):)