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Sunday, November 18, 2012

knitted owl ornament

Do you love owls like I do?  When I planned out the 24 ornaments, I knew I had to do 2 owls... Santa owl below is one of my most viewed posts ever!  http://jennicanknit.blogspot.com/2011/11/santa-owl.html

Today's litle guy is knitted....
Cast on 8  I use the magic loop, you can also use double pointed needles
1.  Knit one row
2.  Knit front and back
3.  Knit
4.  Knit front and back in each stitch, 32 stitches.
5.  Knit 12 rows, switch colors every 2 rows to make stripes.
6.  Knit 5 rows in main color, fill the owl with stuffing.
7.  Switch to white, knit 2 rows.
8.  Switch to red, knit 2 rows.
9.  Decrease row:  knit 4, k2tog.  You will have 24 stitches.
10.  Knit 2 rows
11.  Knit 3, k2tog.  You will have 16 stitches
12.  Knit 2 rows.
13.  K2tog, all stitches.  You will have 8 stitches left.
14.  Knit 1 row
15.  K2 tog.  Add stuffing to the hat, pull needle through remaining stitches.  Add a white pompom to the top of the hat
16.  Wings...  cast on 8, knit in the round 10 rows.  On the 11th row, knit 2 tog. all the way around.  Attach the wings to the side of the owl.
17.  Eyes  Cast on 4 on dpn
Knit one row, purl the next, bind off.  Stitch the eyes to the owl, adding a black circle in the middle.
18.  Beak  Cast on 3 with dpn.  Knit one row, purl the next.  k2tog, pull needle through.
I admit, they are a little work, but cute as can be when you are done!


  1. Awesome! I pinned this so I can find this great pattern later. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. REALLY GrEaT!!! Thanks for pattern xoRobin❤