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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rainbow rice

If you are visiting from fox 9, welcome!  This morning I shared a bunch of back to school projects... this rainbow rice is one of them.  I made it to use in a sensory table with my preschoolers, but it would be so cute to use in glass vases as a centerpiece.
To make the rice, you mix together 4 cups of rice, 2 tbs of food coloring and 3 tbs of rubbing alcohol.  Mix it in a large ziplock bag and put it in pans to dry out.

Allow the rice to dry for a few hours...
the colors are so vibrant!!

I packed it up in ziplock bags and brought it to school.

It looked beautiful in my sensory table.  Look at all the fun little things we added to it.  My little 3 year olds are going to love digging around in there.

We made a rainbow out of plastic tablecloths cut into strips and hung on a clothesline...
A flock of rainbow owls have been cut out of felt.

We are ready to learn!  I hope you will join me for more back to school ideas next week!


  1. Jenni, I used to teach kindergarten a long time ago, and did this rice coloring. I loved getting my room ready for those little feet. Almost makes me want to go back(not really)! LOL You have such creative ideas! Those kids are so lucky to be in your class.

  2. ohhhhh my happy!!!!!!!!! the colors and fun just make me want to jump out of my seat. LOVE LOVE LOVE! thanks for sharing!!! I might pack my kiddies up and bring them to your school. You are going to be the most creative teacher ever!