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Friday, July 6, 2012

mason jars and dyed rice

I know the 4th is over with, but I have one more cute craft to share with you.  I've been seeing dyed rice all over pinterest and decided to try it.  All you need is plain old white rice, food coloring, a container and a fork or spoon.

My niece Molly helped me with this craft.  She is a cutie.  Always up for a project too.
Stir the food coloring into your container of rice.  Allow it to dry and spoon it into your mason jars.  Sooooo cheap and easy.

I added red voltive candles to the jars and plan on using them as voltives at the lake.  

I can see all sorts of possibilities for this... all the different color combinations...
Happy crafting!


  1. I haven't seen dyed rice in a long time. I love how you've used it in the cute jars. Great idea.

  2. Thats really cute ! vicky : )

  3. Love this idea. I'm still decorating for the 4th...lol..I figure I will be right on time for Labor Day...hee hee.

  4. So many great ideas from Pinterest!

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  6. Everything you do makes me smile!!!!!!