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Saturday, June 23, 2012

mason jar vases

I just love mason jars.  I see them used in cute ways all the time.  Today I'm going to make them into vases for a couple different events I have coming up.  Cut burlap 3 inches wide and 45 inches (width of fabric) long.  1 of these strips was enough to wrap 2 jars.

Cut the gingham 2 inches wide.  Tie that on top of the burlap.  It is nice to have an extra pair of hands for this... one person holds the mason jar and the burlap, the other ties the gingham.

That is it... so quick and easy!

I used flowers from my garden and filled them up.  The tray was painted with chalkboard paint. 

We used the tray at the lemonade stand at Hannah's graduation party.  It looked so cute with flowers and lemons in the little cubbies.  What creative things have you done with mason jars?


  1. Very fun! Any ideas on what to do with the lids??? I have some and don't know what to do with them. And Happy Blogiversary!!

  2. So cute, Jen! I LOVE mason jars, too....not sure what it is about them, maybe the endless possibilities :))

  3. PS--I used to cross stitch mason jar tops....still have a couple that are Halloween themed. :)

  4. Love the burlap with the pink! I hate working with it though-makes me feel like I have to sneeze! Achoo!

  5. I love this ... so CUTE ! vicky ; )

  6. LOVE!!!!!! LOVE!!!! I have a have a huge mason jar collection (my 8 year old's name is Mason)... haven't done anything too creative--- my kids think it is fun to eat dessert-in-a-jar. I also display marbles and mini vintage toys in them too. THANKS for sharing you AWESOME creativity!!!