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Thursday, May 17, 2012

you ought to be in pictures...

When you go to graduation parties don't you love looking at pictures?  Instead of using bulletin boards, I decided to use an artist canvas.  First, I painted it pink.  Next I covered the board in pink and brown scrapbook papers... and gave it a coat of mod podge.

I gathered up a bunch of pictures and started placing them on the board.. 

It's already on the mantel, ready for the graduation party!


  1. Jenni, that's a brilliant idea. I love the way it came out. So much better than the usual boring photos layed out.

  2. What a great idea...and a wonderful keepsake!

  3. Delightful and lovely! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    Pink in the Sink. Have a lovely weekend.

    PS. I am your new follower.

  4. Your colors and creativity are truly enjoyable and inspiring! Keep on creating..