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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

It's May Day... it is a special day today because it is my sister Nancy's birthday.  We are lucky enough to live down the street from each other and we are together almost every day... I love you lots Nancy!
For this project we are going to use some of that scrapbook paper you have laying around.  Newspaper would be cute too.

Put 2 sheets together and round the top... fold into a cone and double stick tape it shut.   

I added a little tag and a clothespin with a flower glued to it.

I took it outside to take pictures with the apple blossoms... 

and there was a sweet little bird nest in the tree.

Happy spring!


  1. I love them, I did my basket already but this is great even for surprises.

  2. I must admit... I didn't do anymore baskets this year.... tooooooo busy! I think the idea is adorable though.

  3. Jenni, those are so cute. I wish I had made some for today-but maybe for Mothers Day coming up.