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Monday, November 21, 2011

Clown Ornament

Anyone who knows me is going to laugh at this one... I really don't like clowns.  As a last minute, desperation costume this year, that is what 2 of my daughters dressed as for Halloween.  That inspired me to make them each a clown ornament for the tree.

I started by winding yarn around a styrofoam ball.

I had found these vintage clown heads at a thrift store.  My goodness, do I love digging through old craft stuff.

They got glued on top of the yarn balls... a little creepy at first, I know.

I'm getting a lot of milleage out of these candy cane pipe cleaners from JoAnn's.

I added some vintage flower bouquets, buttons and jingle bells... and they are now fun reminders of trick or treating, 2011!

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  1. hey~
    I am your newest follower. you have a colorful blog.
    have a Cupcake sweet week;)