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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Top Ten

1.  Knitting... I'm addicted

 2.  Chocolate... I'm addicted to that too, I'm afraid

3.  Nesting dolls... I love them!

4.  Scottie Dogs... my 2 real ones, or the ones I collect

5.  Vintage Dishes... I should be in a 12 step program for these.

6.  Mod Podge... enough said!

7.  Vintage Letters

8.  Cupcakes... especially from Sprinkles.

9.  Umbrellas... total cuteness... and useful!

10.  Vintage Children's Games... I'm still a kid at heart!

What tops your list?


  1. Knitting and chocolate! You are not alone!:)

  2. My faves include:
    10: Jenni's handmade cards
    9: Yerba Mate
    8: Whole Foods Deli Case
    7: Skiing
    6: Spring Break with the Swenson's
    5: Target
    4: Sophia Drive
    3: My husband
    2: Vintage Umbrella
    1: My kids

    Ooooh, so close.