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Saturday, September 17, 2011

junk bonanza part 2

Hi again... I'm back for one more day of the junk bonanza.  I loved this idea... a tan and white polka dot ribbon on a cream pumpkin.  So easy and cute.

This booth was done by a downtown Chaska business, La La Land.

Cute crocheted hats... love the colors.

I really wanted this, but it was $20.  Estate sales and Goodwill have ruined me for these kinds of sales.  I love to look though.

We loved this idea... just a board with the alphabet on it.  I may have to try this one.

I loved the message on this cute chalkboard.

I really want to make one of these... and i loooooooved the newspaper garland.

More cute Christmas... I honestly see those angels at Goodwill all the time!

Let's just end this post with sock monkeys.  This booth was full of them.  They must have been stocking up on them all year.  Happy weekend everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you take pictures at these things...take some at your Goodwill...I have a feeling it looks much better than mine, but I'd love to compare :)