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Monday, July 18, 2011

mustache party!

We have a big family vacation coming up.  The last few years we have had a theme party night... this year I thought it would be fun to have a mustache party!

I had to make mustaches for the guests... first I scoured the internet for some ideas.  I drew out a few different mustache shapes...

Next I cut them out of black stiffened felt.  For each mustache you need 2 of the same shape, and a dowel.  Cover 1 side in glue, add the dowel and put on the top... easy!
The results are amusing...  Come back tomorrow and I will show you the invitations and party favor bags!  xoxo  Jenni


  1. Jenni- I love it!! you and bob look so funny! Have a good time on your trip and also at the party!!

  2. Thank you Liz... I don't know why but these just crack me up!

  3. I cannot WAIT for our family vacation time in FIVE days!!! The mustaches look soooo cute!! and you and Bob, adorable as always! LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN!!!! WOOT WOOT!!