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Friday, June 24, 2011

junk store box

Today I am going to show how I restyled a junk store metal box.  I got it at my favorite shop, Goodies (that's Goodwill).  It started out looking pretty pathetic.  I bought it to use as storage...  I never seem to have enough!
First I spray painted it red... what?!  It looks cute already.  But not cute enough.  Time to add some paper from http://octoberafternoon.typepad.com/

I cut the paper up into strips and threw in some scraps i already had.  Then I arranged it all over the box... there is no right and wrong.  I just kept adding scraps and stickers adhering them with double sided tape.

When I was happy with how it looked, I got out my trusty old mod podge.  Mod podge will keep everything adhered to the box and gives a nice sheen to the project.  
Visit me tomorrow and I will show you the finished project, with some ideas on using it.


  1. so cute Jenni

  2. What a GREAT idea!! And MODGE PODGE...wow, takes me BACK!! Very cute!!