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Monday, September 23, 2013

The color of the day is BLUE!

Happy Fall.  We had a gorgeous fall weekend in Minnesota.  The leaves are starting to turn and the sun was out.  I had my first pumpkin bar at a friend's house yesterday... I'm proud to say I only had one!  She had pumpkin spice and candy corn m and m's too!
Today's color is blue!  Do you recognize the blue horse from Brown Bear, Brown Bear?

We read an adorable book called Little Blue Truck... http://www.amazon.com/Little-Blue-Truck-Board-Book/dp/0547248288

We made construction paper blue trucks and drove them through the mud (brown paint)

Our flannelboard story of the week was White Rabbit's Color Book...

and our blue puppet friend BooBoo bear came to visit.  The puppets I made this summer have been a huge hit.  I try to act out preschool situations with them.  The kids absolutely relate to them.  They desperately want to hug them every time I pull them out.  Have a wonderful day!