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Sunday, June 30, 2013

4th of July wreath

Today's project is such a fun one.  Anyone can do this one, I promise!  You will need a wreath form (I spray painted mine red) and a bunch of red, white and blue ribbon.  I can't wait to make a rainbow one for my classroom.  Any colors would be cute!  If you live in the twin cities area, you have to check out DB and Company http://www.excelsiormill.com/db/dbhome.htm for their ribbon.  They have an amazing selection and it is reasonably priced!

Tie a ribbon around your wreath form and cut the end.  Untie it and use it as a pattern for your length.  I gathered up a bunch of scraps and bought some too.

Just keep tying that ribbon until it looks full... I added another ribbon to the middle and tied 3 felt stars on it.

Quick and easy!

1 comment:

  1. cute!! what a delightful little wreath!
    gosh, I dont think Ive been here to visit you in forever. When I was going through google reader tonight trying to figure out which blogs I wanted to add to my sidebar, I rediscovered yours!
    have a great week