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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas in the sunroom...

Are you decorating for Christmas this week?  I just set up my sunroom to be my own little Christmas spot.  It has french doors so I can close the room off to all the hustle and bustle in the house.  I hung up my hat and mitten garland on the window.  I didn't make this one... I bought it when my local knitting store went out of business a few years ago.

Next I grabbed some little buckets to gather up tags, ribbon and tape.

Rolls of wrapping paper go in a big tin container below.

Isn't it cozy?  You'll find me hiding out in here a lot this December!


  1. Jenni, What a beautiful room. I would like to hide out in there too! Love all the decorations and wrapping station.
    Happy Day to you, xoRobin❤

  2. Great room. I 'd love to hang out here, too. Quilts, pillows and wrapping gear- what could be better??