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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

green grass, blue sky...

I love green and turquoise together don't you?  I recently decided to make a scrap quilt using those 2 colors.  This pattern is soooooo easy.  Cut your strips into any width you want... I made mine between 1 and 3 inches.  Sew them together to make a 12 inch square.  For a queen size quilt you need 64 12 inch squares.  It was a lot of sewing, and a lot of fabric...

but I love the result.  I just have the top done, but I had to take it to the Minnesota Landscape Arboreteum for a photo shoot.  
I am lucky enough to walk there every Monday morning with my sister and 3 friends we grew up with.  It is beautiful all year round and one of the highlights of my week!

Every week there is something different to see... this week we saw a cardinal perched on the tip top of a pine tree singing away.

This quilt will eventually be on my bed... probably not for a few months.  It needs batting, a back, binding and quilting.  

I used fabric that I have collected for years, with some vintage pieces thrown in.  The fun thing about this pattern is that it doesn't have to match up... I'm not very precise so that is perfect for me!
What are you sewing or crafting this week?


  1. so lovley and soothing! Green and blue together were my moms colors- even her Christmas lights so I am always drawn to those two together.

    My grandaughter is spending the night and were going to decorate spools. :)

  2. I love those colors and the quilt hanging in that beautiful setting is awesome! Can't wait to see it on your bed.

  3. Very pretty colors, I love them all...One day I will make me a quilt. It's my long term goal...Happy new week, with love Janice

  4. A beautiful quilt!Lovely Bright colors!!!

  5. I love love love it!!! Your little vintage selections add just the perfect touch. Seriously amazing!!!!!