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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ruffled crepe paper streamers

Have you seen the ruffled crepe paper streamers that have been floating around pinterest and blogland? I sat myself down and figured out how to make it!  Start with streamers from the party store... around $1 per roll.

Set your tension and stitch length as big as you can make them and start sewing...

as you go, it magically ruffles!

You end up with piles of adorable ruffled cuteness... 

I'm planning on using them at an event... I will show you how they looked.

My niece Sophia was over to "help" me with this project.  Do you recognize the sock monkey hat?


  1. Andrea van DoornMarch 7, 2012 at 6:37 AM

    I might try that for my sons graduation open house. You make streamers look good!

  2. Jenni! That picture of Sofia is Absolutely darling! And I LOVE, LOVE her sock monkey hat! I cannot remember if Nancy or Mary first told me about your blog, but I have been wanting to send you a little note to say I AM IN AWE of your TaLeNt! God has certainly bLeSsEd you with an unbelievable, enormous amount of CrEaTiViTy! YOU ARE AMAZING! Nancy is so LuCkY to be your sister & of course you are LuCkY to be hers as well! Thank you for sharing so many incredible ideas & sharing your heart too! Wish I wAs going to be at Nancy's tonight so I could see you! Next time for sure! You & Mary would be proud of me, I am learning how to knit, but have a long ways to go!! Take care & hugs to you & your family!!