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Thursday, February 2, 2012

vintage valentines

I absolutely love vintage Valentine's.  I started collecting them a long time ago when I found a bag full at an antique store.  They have multiplied and now I have a lot.  Last summer I went to an estate sale (it was straight out of the Brady Bunch) and got big bags full for $5.  

I copy them and use them for all kinds of cute projects.  Above is a Valentine banner that I made for my girlfriends last year.

I color copy them so I don't have to wreck them.  Below is a collage of them attached to a foam core heart.  Cute!  xoxo  Jenni


  1. Hi Jenny! I found your blog via Happy's advertising of your blog design! Any friend of Happy's is a friend of mine! I, too, love vintage stuff and crafting. Come on over to visit sometime at It's A Very Cherry World!


  2. Love your vintage Valentine collection!

  3. I so love the vintage children's greeting cards! I have tons too! I just love the colors and graphics....why can't they go back to these????? :)

  4. Lucky you to have found so many originals!! I just steal them off the internet!! Your blog looks great!! Happy did an awesome job!! =)Deanna

  5. Jenni,
    What a lovely collections. I remember them ALL. xoRobin❤

  6. Colleen McConnell FowlerFebruary 2, 2012 at 7:10 PM

    Funny! I just got home from a cute shop in Ann Arbor (rare books and stuff....loaded to the rafters!). I came home with a new stash of vintage valentine's to make projects with! I can't wait!! :)

  7. Love the new site looks awesome!!!