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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby's first Christmas

 Do you have any special new babies in your life?  I loooooove babies so much.  Even when I was a little girl I couldn't resist them.  Today's ornament is to honor that special baby's first Christmas.

Start by making 2 pompoms using your pompom maker.  I used light yellow for the boy and pink for the girl.

Cut out 2 circles for each face.  Embroider a simple face on each.  I did eyes, cheeks, mouths and a little squiggle for hair.  Sew around the circle and stuff with a little bit of polyfil before you complete the circle.

 Next I knit a little scarf for each baby by casting on 5 and garter stitching for about 4 inches.  You could also cut a piece of felt or ric rac for this.

Next, hot glue all the pieces together... wouldn't these be cute at a baby shower?

I had a lot of this yarn left so I decided to knit up a little striped hat to match the ornament.  I wrapped it up in a cellophane bag... a perfect gift for an expecting mom.

Have a wonderful day baby!


  1. I love that you used leftover yarn to make a hat for the baby. Very very cute, as always.

  2. those pics are so cute. have a Cupcake sweet day!