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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Advent Calendar Part 2

Remember the advent calendar project I was working on?  I finished it just in time to visit my niece and nephews in Dallas...

I saw these Tim Holtz vintage game pieces and new they were perfect for the project... the set was missing 13 and 23... oh well.

I cut 1/4 inch strips to fit my clothespins.  They sell these at Michael's or JoAnn's.  I love them covered with paper.  I used http://octoberafternoon.typepad.com/ October Afternoon Christmas paper from a couple years ago.  They are coming out with new holiday paper this month and it looks sooooo cute.

I glued the paper on each clothespin...

and then added the numbers... I just love these.

They are ready to be filled with fun little surprises...

I got these at http://www.etsy.com/shop/HeyYoYo?ref=pr_shop_more  I looooove them.  Guess what? My friend at Heyyoyo is doing a giveaway for vintage umbrella followers.  All you have to do is become a follower of my blog and leave a comment.  Here is what she is giving away...

cute pilgrim cupcake toppers

orange and white party straws

cute orange, pink, brown, and white cupcake wrappers

Please check out her etsy shop here...http://www.etsy.com/people/HeyYoYo  I promise you will find something you need!  Don't forget to leave a comment to enter the giveaway!


  1. OMG!!!! This is beyond adorable, Jenni! What an awesome awesome awesome way to use clothespins and those Tim Holtz number thingys (I saw those a while ago but needed a nudge from an uber-creative person like you to even think of what to do with those little pieces).

  2. Only you can come up with these things! So awesome!

  3. Jenni you are just too cute! I LOOOVE the pilgrim toppers! Stay cool

  4. Your imagination is boundless!! So cute! Nothing holds chip bags better than the good old fashioned clothes pins!! Now if I could just decorate them like this!!

  5. Fun contest...and I loved heyyoyo's etsy shop--the party cups with polka dots and straws (of course) make me happy!

  6. LOVE the advent calendar idea! I have a collection of ideas for them, and I want to start a tradition of making a different kind every year for my kids. I love yours and added it to my collection by pinning it on Pinterest.