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Monday, September 26, 2011

craft room pumpkin

Have you seen the cute decoupaged pumpkin on the cover of Country Living magazine?  I loved it but decided to make one for the craft room.  I found one of my old faded funkins in the garage.  Dug out some cute October Afternoon scraps.  Cut them up and I was ready to go.  I don't personally have a craft room but I do have an office (tiny mudroom desk/shelf).  

Once you have a cute assortment of scraps, start mod podging them on your pumpkin.  I lucked out and talked my youngest into helping.  You have to use your fingers to smooth the scraps down over the pumpkin ridges.  (messy)

You will need a surprising number of little squares and rectangles... i decided to throw in turquoise because I'm into turquoise and orange.

Here she is... cute, right?  I put a ribbon on top... I'm seeing that everywhere too.

Come back tomorrow... I'm going to try a little decoupage magic with newspaper and a mini pumpkin.  xoxo  Jenni


  1. I love this...I think maybe even I could do this...? :))

  2. How creative ! Love this!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Andrea ( the simple craft diaries)

  3. So cute! The one on the cover of country living looked LABOR INTENSIVE!!!