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Monday, August 1, 2011

old friends, new friends, and fancy party favor bags.

Monday was a lucky day.  I got to see my wonderful friend Lisa who gave me some excellent advice.  Lisa is a Brighton Rep and always looks like she fell right out of a magazine.  Adorable.  I have no idea where she was headed, but she met me for lunch in a perfect little black dress, fabulous Brighton jewlery, and shoes.  I have known her since we were little kids.  Once she babysat me and let me adopt a mangy dog from some neighbor kids... which my parents promptly returned.  Ha!
At dinner I met an amazing new friend named Max.  He charmed me the minute I met him.  He knew a lot about nesting dolls, old cameras, vintage lighting, truffle salt... did I mention he was in going into 5th grade?  I told him I would give him a shout out...

I am looking forward to seeing you again soon!
Today I worked on party favor bags for my darling friend Kay.  She and her husband are having a 40th birthday party together Friday night.  We are setting up a candy bar which I will share with you after the party.  I had one at my 40th and it was a hit.  Grown ups like candy too, right?

I bought the lime green bags at Michaels.  They are a perfect small size for party favors.  I cut out strips of paper that were the same size as the bags.

Next, I glued them to the bags.  I love Elmer's glue.  It's cheap and it works.  

The guests will fill the bags up with treats from the candy bar...  I originally thought we would tie them with lime and white bakers twine...

But decided these mini clothespins would be better.  

One more reason I feel lucky... I get to share all this with you!  Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Lisa.Fechter@Brighton.comAugust 2, 2011 at 6:17 AM

    OMG....I can't believe I made THE BLOG!
    I feel like a celebrity!
    Maybe you need to start a Dear Jenni column...so people can write in and say things like...
    "Dear Jenni, I'm getting married in December and I haven't done a thing. Any ideas"? :)
    Love ya!

    P.S. I am NEVER going to live down the mangy dog incident. BAD babysitter mistake.

  2. jenni,
    you are so clever I can't stand it! So thrilled to work with you for the 40th bash this Friday - you rock and so does your blog. My blog is a bit different feel - but it also shows my passion - :)
    www.saltandclay.org/blog see you soon.
    Sarah B.

  3. Jenni - you ARE amazing! Miss seeing you and your lovely family! At least now we can see your amazing creations and life! I actually thought of you a few hours ago when I went into Bibelot and saw some moustache themed items - Hoping it all went well? Can you send me some of your energy some day? ;) Marit