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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Santa ornament

HoHoHo!  Today's ornament is a jolly old soul.  He is soooooo cute!  I based him on a pattern I bought on etsy... I plan to make a much larger version for my preschool class.  Check out the pattern here...

I cut the pieces out of felt.  I hand stitched them on using dmc floss and a needle.  

I stitched the front and back together and gave them a little stuffing before sewing them up.

I think they are awfully cute!  I hope you are home crafting today instead of dealing with all the crazy crowds!   One more ornament before I'm finished with the series!  Come back tomorrow for a simple and sweet Baby Jesus ornament.


  1. I just can't stand it!!!!!!!!! too cute for words. I need an entire day to drool over all your recent projects. Please stop... with stuff like this I may never sleep again!

  2. ps would you ever consider selling stuff like this in your etsy shop? I would stand in line to get one!!!!!!!

  3. pss that santa book is one of my favorites!