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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Burlap apple

It's apple week!  Today we are going to make a red burlap apple for my front door.  It would be cute in my classroom too...

I just found red burlap at Joann's for $4 a yard.  I bought some white too.  I painted it with white polka dots... and painted 2 green leaves on the white.  I cut out 2 large apple shapes.  Burlap sheds a lot... be prepared for a little bit of a mess!

Next I zig zagged around the edge of the apple shape.  I left a hole in the side and stuffed it with plastic shopping bags.

Next I cut a hole in the back and stuck a stick in the hole for the stem.  I hot glued both leaves on the top and added a little loop for the back.

The possibilities for these are endless... I'm thinking of making a big candy corn one next!  Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love it ! Its really cute ; ) vicky

  2. A pumpkin would be cute too! Thanks for the ideas, Jenni :-)

    Susan L.

  3. I love the burlap apple. If anyone needs colored burlap, I carry it in my etsy shop. Thanks.