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Friday, August 24, 2012

old barns

I consider myself very lucky to live in the beautiful state of Minnesota.  One thing we take for granted around here is barns... you see them everywhere.  I just love them... last year we had Hannah's picture taken by a turquoise barn...

could that color be any better?!
The county I live in has a project where they have added quilt blocks to a bunch of the barns.  They look just amazing.

While running an errand nearby, I stopped by the cutest little farmstand... called At the Farm in Waconia.  http://www.atthefarmwaconia.com/  If you live nearby, you just have to take a trip out there.

I love how their quilt block matches the yellow chairs, the chippy red paint... it's just perfect.

I left with a big bag of sweet corn and some local honey.  Delish.
This white barn is right down the road from my townhouse.

I pass this old cow sign every day... it makes me happy.  Have a wonderful weekend!  


  1. A blue barn! Cool! We have two cool barns here on the property we rent. I love them. ♥

  2. Quilt blocks and barns. Could it get any better than that? Have a great weekend yourself!

  3. Hi Jenni,

    I love the design of your blog! Looks so fun. Following you now! Love all things vintage :)
    take care,

  4. Hi Jenn , You are a lucky girl to live there.....I love it V

  5. I might have to take a little ride...is it Scott County or where are the quilts on the barns?! Cute post!

  6. ohhh what a beautiful and lovely to live! keep me away because I would go picture crazy!!!