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Friday, July 13, 2012

More lampshades!

Hi everyone... I'm back with a couple more lampshades.  Check out my pinterest board devoted to lampshade ideas here... http://pinterest.com/jenni_swenson1/diy-lampshades/
This lampshade is the match to the one I did yesterday.  I completed it the same way I did the black one...

I used green polka dot grosgrain and a vintage green pompom trim I bought at an estate sale last year.

If you want to try this out, but don't want to make your own pattern, try one of the lampshade kits you can get at JoAnn's.  It comes with a wax pattern that you peel off, revealing a sticky surface underneath.  No spraying adhesive or tracing with chalk.

After you peel the pattern off, trace it onto the fabric you want to use.

I added orange pompom trim to this one.

Jack just wasn't impressed.  Someday I am going to do a post showing the dogs sneaking into the background of my pictures.  They are always lurking around and underfoot.  I can't tell you how many times I've cropped out a pair of ears or a tail.

Oh my.  This picture makes me really happy.  I will show them assembled with their bases in the next couple weeks!


  1. So colorful and such cute trims. I have a weird shaped shade that I'd love to cover, but I think it's too advanced. I may give it a try after seeing how great yours turned out!

  2. You can't help but smile when you see those cheery colors!

  3. Oh I love the bird fabric...Really CUTE ..; ) V

  4. WOW!!For a second I was SPEECHLESS!!!!This is beautiful!!Love the Birdies!!!

  5. Oh my...love the lampshades. They are stunning.
    I might try one of those kits from Joanns.
    You are truly talented.

  6. so bright and happy and creative!!!! the trim is my fave!

  7. Piper and Jack...I MISS them!!! Adore them!! :))) Plus I LOVE the lampshades....truly unique and cute!

  8. These lampshades are beautiful.So tired seeing drab & boring lampshades..Way go Happy 2013,,,,