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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fair isle stockings

Yes, I know it is the middle of July... am I the only weirdo who starts thinking about Christmas in the hottest month of the year?  I'm sharing the finished stockings today... I love them so much they deserved a 2 day post.  To finish them up, I added an icord loop at the top...

wove in all those pesky loose ends... finished the heels...

Knitting at it's finest.  At least for me... I really love fair isle and color.  Does that surprise you?  I can't seem to make anything neutral.
If you would like the pattern, look at yesterday's post.  Happy knitting everyone!


  1. That's one way to stay cool! Love the stockings.

  2. Do you do matching pairs or the fun "little miss match" style with each stocking different? I love that style by the way! =D

  3. LOVE the colors and no, youa re not the only one thinking about Christmas.... I was in Hobby Lobby just last night looking at fall and Christmas items! It gives me hope that 113 degree days will end eventually....:)