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Thursday, February 16, 2012

PaiNT ChiP BooKMaRKs

Have you seen all the cute paint chip crafts floating around the internet?  I've seen them made into all sorts of cute stuff... and they are FREE!  This craft is perfect for Thrifty Thursday!

I picked up some cards at the hardware store.  I decided to use the ones with holes for the bookmarks.  I punched out some heart embellishments...

and added a heart with a little mounting tape.  I tied ribbon through the top and they are done.  Ready to be passed out to my book club friend.  


  1. You are so smart!

  2. Not really... I blatently copied it from pinterest!!

  3. Colleen McConnell FowlerFebruary 16, 2012 at 7:24 AM

    Haha! You're funny, Jenni! But, hey, you do know where to look! :) Super cute idea!

  4. So Cute! Copy or No Copy...You made it Your Own! :D You are One Crafty Lady Jenni!

  5. My kids love to pick these up every time we go to Lowes. They like to use them as is for bookmarks, but after this I know what they will be wanting to do with them.

  6. These area lot of fun! I'm an architect and am constantly looking for ways to repurpose all the samples we have lying around. This is a good one!

  7. Oh wow! This is too cool. With a house full of readers, I will definitely have to try this (time to head to Walmart for some paint chips:)
    I found you from the Toys in the Dryer linky party, and I'd really love if you'd come link this up to my very first weekly *Get Creative* party...
    It's just too cool of an idea not to share :)
    Hope to see you there!

  8. Super cute idea! Would love it if you would share it with my readers and post it on my web site - www.ohmy-creative.com


  9. Very cute and frugal! I love paint chips and the many non-paint related projects that can be done with them. Perhaps you could make my newest project with your leftovers!

    - Claire